Stone's Honey Haven of Hopkins County

We can help catch unwanted bee swarms!  We service the Hopkins and Webster County areas.  Stone's Honey Haven is located in Nebo, Ky.  Just give us a call to see if we can help.

Home:  (270)249-9431

Cell:  (270)339-7245



Stone's Honey Haven began in 2006.  We specialize in producing local honey as well as capturing unwanted bee swarms.  The owner/bee keeper of Stone's Honey Haven is Larry Stone, and he has been a member of the Audubon Beekeeping Association since 2006.  Larry is presently president of the Audubon Beekeeping Association.  Actually, Larry is keeping it all in the family--his brother, Paul Stone, is a bee keeper and has worked closely with Larry to help him in his hobby.  Larry is a Master Gardener and volunteers at James Madison Middle School Archery Team as well.

He has retired after working 36 years as an underground coal miner

Larry has been married to his wife Rita for over 40 years, she offers moral support in his hobby but isn't involed with the bees. Larry's oldest daughter, Teresa, also helps out with caring for the bees and catching swarms when she can.

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